About Us

Who are we

The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement is the Kuwaiti Socialist Party that represents the progressive vanguard of the organization expressing the interests of the working class and popular groups, as it was founded as a necessity by the requirements of the National Democratic and social struggle of our people on the one hand, and the historical development of both the National, Democratic and progressive movement and the labor movement in Kuwait on the other hand, it is a voluntary union between militants adopting Marxism-Leninism as a scientific method in analyzing reality and the struggle to achieve national, Democratic and social change within the framework of the national and social liberation struggle against capitalism and imperialism to reach socialism.

Where do the ailments lie with Kuwait's problems

The reason for all the growing problems that our country is suffering and our people are complaining about lies in the control of the narrow class interests of the influential social forces in power and their parasitic capitalist alliance.

What is the main contradiction

The main contradiction in our country and society is between the broad popular social forces, and between the social forces that benefit from the status quo, which are trying to maintain and consolidate it and reject reform and change.

The main national mission

The main national task is to dismantle and break the subordination relations of imperialism and the Centers of World Monopoly capital to the point of salvation and liquidation from them, the maintenance of political independence, the struggle for economic independence, and the choice of the path of independent development.

The Democratic struggle

The democratic struggle, especially for the release of freedoms, is a central link in our struggle. We adhere to the principles of the civil state, equal constitutional citizenship and the defense of private freedoms, to the same extent that we defend public democratic freedoms.

Living issues

The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement is struggling to achieve the principles of social justice, equality and equal opportunities, transform them from slogans into economic and social reality, and address the problems suffered by the broad popular groups that negatively affect their standard of living.

Long-term strategic goals of the movement

Our Kuwaiti Progressive Movement adopts a long-term strategic program to accomplish the tasks of the stage of National, Democratic and social change leading to socialism, which is a long historical stage.


The establishment of the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement as a historical extension of the People’s Union Party in Kuwait, which was established in 1975 as an expression of the objective need of the working class and the popular groups for the presence of its independent political party that represents its interests and expresses its role Historical political, in the context of the development of the national, democratic and progressive movement in Kuwait on the one hand

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