June 2023

The position of the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement towards the Chinese three-point vision of the Palestinian cause

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شارك هذا المنشور

Comrade Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China, announced a political initiative on the Palestinian cause under the title of the three-point vision, consisting of:

First, the main way to resolve the Palestinian issue is to establish an independent and fully sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Secondly, it is required to ensure the economic and livelihood needs of Palestine, and the international community should increase development and humanitarian assistance to Palestine.

Thirdly, it is necessary to adhere to the right direction of peace negotiations. We must respect the historical status quo of the religious sanctities in Jerusalem, renounce extremist and provocative words and actions, push for an international peace conference on a larger scale with more credibility and greater impact, create conditions for the resumption of peace negotiations, and make concrete efforts to help Palestine and Israel achieve peaceful coexistence. The Chinese side is ready to play a positive role in achieving internal Palestinian reconciliation and advancing peace negotiations.

We are in the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement at a time when we are positively observing the growing role of the People's Republic of China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China at the international level as a key force, especially in light of the decline of American hegemony and the beginning of the formation of a multipolar world, as we witnessed in the Chinese initiative on the Iran-Saudi relations. While we appreciate some of the points contained in the Chinese vision related to the Palestinian issue, namely the need to provide economic and livelihood support and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian Arab people to alleviate their suffering, and in a way that enhances their resilience, as well as to emphasize respect for the historical status quo of religious shrines in Jerusalem, and China's readiness to play a positive role to achieve Palestinian internal reconciliation. However, on the other hand, we believe that the Chinese three-point Vision ignores the basis of the Palestinian cause, which is a matter of national liberation in the face of a usurping Zionist entity planted by imperialism in our Arab region to assume its functional role in Serving the interests and projects of Western imperialism and establishing its dominance over our region, countries and peoples, in connection with the Imperial conspiratorial projects since the beginning of the twentieth century represented by the Balfour Declaration and the Sykes–Pico agreement, which aimed to colonize our Arab homeland, tear apart our countries, disperse our peoples, plunder our wealth… This is not to mention the role of the Zionist entity in countering, targeting and weakening the Arab national liberation movement through the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956, aggression in 1967, occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan and Sinai, and then the occupation of Lebanon in 1982, imposing surrender agreements and attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause, and passing projects that would establish the Zionist entity’s supremacy over the region and establish dependence on imperialism under various names for the so-called Middle East projects, and the associated brutal massacres, hateful racist practices and displacement of the Palestinian Arab people the repeated attacks, crimes, assassinations and conspiratorial acts carried out by the Zionist entity have spread throughout our Arab region.

As a result of this shortcoming in the Chinese three-point vision towards the Palestinian cause, contrary to historical reality, it proceeds from the fact that the basis of the issue is the creation of the Zionist entity itself, but it is only the subsequent Zionist occupation of the Palestinian territories in 5th of June 1967, and the non-establishment of a Palestinian state on the occupied territories only after that date, and the focus on the so-called "two-state solution", which, according to the Chinese three-point vision, is based on "the establishment of an independent and fully sovereign Palestinian state on the borders of the year 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital," which, incidentally, is much less even than what was stated in the partition resolution issued on 29 November 1947, what It means establishing the legitimacy of the Zionist entity، Thus, it is just a repetition of the so-called dead "Arab initiative".

The Chinese three-point vision also lacks any reference to important elements in the Palestinian cause as long as they have been repeated by the so-called international resolutions: the issue of refugees, the right to return, compensation and the right to self-determination, the latter of which requires not only the provision of "development and humanitarian assistance", but also the exercise of the right of the Palestinian state to arm and push aggression by force to ensure independence and not to turn into just a complicit functional entity similar to the current Palestinian Authority.

From our position as part of the Arab national liberation movement resisting imperialist domination and the usurping Zionist entity, with our high appreciation of the Chinese Communist Party and the People's Republic of China and the friendship between the Arab peoples and the Chinese people, however, we radically disagree with the Chinese three-point vision, which we see as falling short of the vision of the basis of the issue and does not respond proportionately to the struggle of the Palestinian Arab people and the struggle of the Arab peoples and their liberation forces in resisting imperialist domination and the usurping Zionist entity.

15th of June 2023