January 2024

Kuwaiti Progressive Movement: the Security Council resolution on navigation in the Red Sea ignores the connection of what is happening with the Zionist - American aggression on Gaza... It legitimizes the recent American Alliance... It imposes a precedent that has no basis in international law

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Day by day, the fact is confirmed that the "UN Security Council" as well as the so-called international law have turned into a plaything of the US imperialism on the ground to impose its domination over the world. Now the time has come to build a new international system that properly responds to the requirements of the liberation and security of peoples and provides serious foundations for preventing aggression and achieving world peace.

Therefore, we were not surprised that the UN Security Council issued its Resolution No. 2722 last night, on which the people's China, Russia, Algeria and Mozambique abstained from voting to condemn the strikes directed by Yemen against ships belonging to the Zionist entity or heading towards the entity's ports through the Bab al-Mandeb in the Red Sea, in response to the Zionist aggression directed against our Palestinian Arab people and the valiant resistance in Gaza with the support of the imperialist West, foremost of which is the United States of America.

This biased decision deliberately ignored the connection of what is happening in the Red Sea with the Zionist aggression and the war of extermination on Gaza, as the real reason behind the Yemeni action.

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the recent UN Security Council resolution is in fact a blatant attempt to legitimize the formation of the latest "coalition" created by the United States and its allies and followers in the region. This is not to mention the fundamental observation, raised by the Russian delegate, that the resolution sets a precedent that has no basis in international law and establishes a new norm that does not include the creation of the so-called right of states to defend their ships from attacks.

We in the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement appreciate the positions of China and Russia to abstain from voting on this biased resolution, as it was hoped that they would use their right to vote with a veto on it to overthrow it and prevent its issuance.

Kuwait on 11th of October 2024