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April 2023

Statement of the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement on the occasion of first of May, International Labor Day

تم النشر بواسطة المكتب الإعلامي
شارك هذا المنشور

International Labor Day comes to us on the first of May every year, to represent an international occasion for the solidarity of the working class and all hand workers and intellectual and wage workers in the whole world and a remembrance of their common struggle against capitalist exploitation; To achieve their just demands, to improve their working conditions and wages, and to defend their social gains, leading to liberation and final emancipation from the oppression of the capitalists; the elimination of the exploitation of man by man; And the establishment of a socially just society, a society of fraternity and equality free from class, ethnic and factional divisions.

The industrious and marginalized Workers in various parts of the world are standing today in a direct confrontation against the capitalist class and its global exploitative system, as we witness the deterioration of the standard of living and working conditions and the deterioration of the rights of workers in many countries, as well as sit-ins, strikes, protests, and demand movements that included, among other things, the world. It was included in the major capitalist countries such as Germany, Britain, France and others, and this indicates the depth of the crisis of the capitalist system, and the deterioration of the economic and social conditions as a result of the unjust capitalist policies and the A system of class exploitation imposed by capitalism, including the derogation of the rights of the workers, the assault on their gains, and the grotesque exploitation of their labor power. To achieve the highest profit in favor of the dominant capitalist class. This requires the unity of the working class in various countries of the world and the intensification of its struggle through its unions and parties to improve its wages, standard of living and working conditions, leading to the establishment of an alternative, just, democratic socialist system

At the same time, here we are observing on the global level the decline of the one-polar system that used to dominate the world. and the beginning of the formation of a multi-polar system that would ease the domination of the imperialist grip and open broad horizons for the liberation of peoples.

In conclusion, the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement salutes, on the occasion of International Labor Day, the working class and all toiling people in our country and the whole world. It stands in solidarity with the Palestinian Arab people in its just struggle against the Zionist occupation and for its liberation and the establishment of its independent national state with Jerusalem as its capital. It also stands in solidarity with the Sahrawi people in their struggle for their right to self-determination.

Long live the first of May as a A symbol of labor solidarity against exploitation, impoverishment and marginalization, and for liberation and social justice.

Salute to the workers of Kuwait and the workers of the whole world on their glorious day.

30th of April, 2023