October 2023

Political movements, trade unions and student forces in Kuwait condemn the barbaric aggression on Gaza and the American support for the Zionist entity

تم النشر بواسطة المكتب الإعلامي
شارك هذا المنشور

Since the usurping Zionist entity was planted on the Arab land of Palestine in the year 1948, and even before it, since the Zionist settlement project was launched through the Sykes-Pico agreement in 1916 and the Balfour declaration in 1917, this entity has been and continues to represent a colonial project hostile to all our Arab peoples, not just the Palestinian people, aimed at subjugating them and serving the Western imperialist interests to impose their dominance on our countries and secure their continuous plunder of our wealth and control over our capabilities, and it enjoys full support economically, politically, militarily, security, media and diplomacy from the major colonial countries, foremost of which is the United States of America. This usurping entity would not have been able to continue to oppress, occupy Arab lands, kill, bomb, abandon, and continue its terrorism, aggression and desecration of Islamic and Christian sanctities had it not been for the support and support of the major colonial powers.

Here is the faltering Zionist enemy, after receiving the blow of the valiant resistance in the flood of Al-Aqsa, continuing its crimes against our steadfast Palestinian Arab people in the Gaza Strip, where it launches a new barbaric aggression and threatens to launch ground military aggression to invade the Strip, under the shadow of Western and American support and the complicity of the normalising Arab governments with the Zionist entity and the failure of the rest of the Arab regimes.

In the face of this aggression, we, as Kuwaiti political movements and civil society institutions, reaffirm our full solidarity with the steadfast Palestinian Arab people and with the valiant resistance, condemn the Zionist aggression supported by the colonial powers and call on our father Kuwaiti people and the Kuwaiti government to take action in various forms to express condemnation of this new aggression and provide concrete forms of solidarity to strengthen the steadfastness of the Palestinian Arab people and support the resistance.

We declare our rejection of US President Joe Biden's decision to provide all forms of support to the Zionist entity, and we see it not as a mere bias of the usurping entity, but rather as an embodiment of organic partnership with it and an extension of the ongoing conspiracies to liquidate the inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people and a green light for the Zionists to launch more aggression and massacres against peaceful unarmed Palestinian civilians. In the face of this, we warn against the use of any Arab territories, airspace or ports in assisting the Zionist entity, and we consider it a participant in the aggression. We also call on the Kuwaiti and Arab governments to condemn the American role as a military intervention in the battle and pressure to prevent it...We also call on the Palestinian national authority to support the resistance instead of pursuing the Resisters and demonstrators, to refuse security coordination with the Zionist entity, and to open the way for Fatah factions to participate on the ground in support of the flood of the blessed Al-Aqsa.

In conclusion, we turn to the free people of the world, its living forces to confront the new aggression, its protectors and supporters, and to support the struggle of the Palestinian Arab people for the restoration of their rights.