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October 2023

Osamah Alabdulrahim, Secretary General of the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement, hails the heroic qualitative operation of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip

تم النشر بواسطة المكتب الإعلامي
شارك هذا المنشور

While the heroic and bold qualitative operation of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip, which was launched on the seventh Saturday of October 2023 came to represent a direct response to the Zionist crimes against holy sites and detainees and the continuous incursions into the cities of the West Bank and in response to the continuation of the siege on Gaza, this qualitative operation proves once again and concretely that there is no choice for our Palestinian Arab people in confronting the Zionist entity except the option of resistance and steadfastness, and that there is no way to liquidate the Palestinian cause, no matter how conspirators conspired. There is no future for the Oslo conspiracy and no normalization with the Zionist enemy, and that the Resistance has passed the stage of apostasy To take the initiative in the battle and move its main field out of the besieged Gaza Strip.

This battle forces all our Arab peoples and their liberation forces to strengthen their popular struggle solidarity with the Palestinian Arab people and with the resistance in the face of the usurping Zionist entity to counter imperialist domination and to break away from dependence and to achieve the project of national liberation and democratic and social change.

On this glorious historic day, on behalf of my comrades and colleagues in the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement, I would like to extend my proud greetings to the martyrs of our Palestinian Arab people and to the heroic fighters who continue to resist the occupation and pursue its forces and fascist settlers in every part of the land of Palestine, after they have returned their attention to the National Liberation Project of the resistance to liquidate the occupation and its entity and restore the full rights of the Palestinian Arab people... I also salute the steadfast masses of the Palestinian Arab people on the land of Palestine, and I call on our Kuwaiti Arab people and all Arab peoples and their liberation forces to join in the framework of the popular struggle solidarity project with the Palestinian people and to support their steadfastness and resistance and to confront the Zionist project and imperialist plans...I call on the Kuwaiti government to declare a clear and rapid position in support of the resistance to strengthen its steadfastness and push the liberation battle forward.

Glory to the resistance.

Kuwait on 7th of October, 2023