June 2023

The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement salutes the Kuwaiti people for their awareness and good choices… and it congratulates the parliamentary majority and demands them to abide by their promises and not repeat their mistakes… Calls on the authority to respond to the Popular Will by forming a reformist government

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The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement extends its appreciation to Kuwaiti people, who voted in the elections of members of the National Assembly for the seventeenth legislative term, expressing their clear will to turn the page of tampering with the constitution, stop manipulating their capabilities and limit the control of influential and corrupt forces in directing the course of the state. Our Kuwaiti people also renewed in these elections their firm determination to vote again in favor of achieving the benefits of political detente, democratic reform, addressing basic problems, combating corruption, achieving development and social justice… The results of the elections confirmed the awareness of the overwhelming majority of voters to drop most of the candidates from former deputies associated with authoritarian centers of influence, parasitic capitalism and other deputies with negative attitudes.

The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement congratulates the Parliamentary majority with reform intentions, which the voters have placed their trust in, and the progressive movement calls on the members of the new National Assembly to fulfill their pledges and abide by their promises and seriously implement the Popular Will. The movement also calls on citizens to follow their deputies and not accept any slackness or procrastination in the path of converting electoral promises into legislative and monitoring measures achieved on the ground and warns of repeating the mistakes of the council 2022 and before it the council 2012, when the parliamentary majority failed to fulfill its promises of reform and by making undemocratic proposals such as revising the Article 79 of the Constitution and executing the abuser.

Although the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement is aware of the limitations of parliamentary work under a minimal Constitution, nevertheless it does not underestimate the importance of parliamentary work and its role as part of political work and mass struggle, and not as a substitute for it…The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement affirms that our political, economic, social, legislative and administrative reality cannot be reformed in isolation from the role of the people, their awareness, vigilance, movement and cohesion, and the need for a conscious and organized popular movement to impose a balance of forces favorable to the popular and reformist forces and to form a government that reflects the interests of the classes and popular groups influenced by the authoritarian approach and the power of the influential parasitic capitalist oligarchs.

Hence, the main task now is to demand the authority to respond seriously to the popular will, reflected in the election results, by forming a reform government of men and women of state with opinions and decisions, so that this government adopts a program that achieves the following five tasks:

First: the reform of the electoral system, and the abolition of laws restricting freedoms.

Second: serious prosecution of corruption forces and putting an end to the Organized Looting of state capabilities. p>

Third: developing and renewing the constitutional and political system within a full and serious commitment to constitutional controls, to ensure a sound party life that enhances institutional work , and achieves the principle of democratic deliberation in the executive branch, leading to the establishment of a fully-fledged parliamentary system.

Fourth: improving the standard of living, addressing the problems of deteriorating public services, declining education, deteriorating infrastructure, high prices, high rents, housing, solving the issue of Kuwaiti Bedoons, demographics, insolvent and defaulting borrowers and those in financial distress, ending discrimination against women , and achieving equal constitutional citizenship following the principles of social justice and equal opportunities.

Fifth: the serious adoption of a comprehensive, Democratic and socially just, economic and social development plan. The benefits of course correction and a miserable return to the exhausting cycle in the spiral of the crisis, from which Kuwait and its people have suffered for a long time.

Kuwait on the 8th of June 2023