March 2023

The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement: The annualment of the parliamentary assembly of 2022 deepens the crisis and represents a departure from the "June 22 speech"... What is required is a political exit within the framework of the constitution that puts an end to the unpopular parliamentary assembly of 2020

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The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement: The annulment of Parliament deepens the crisis and represents an apostasy from the "June 22 speech"… What is required is a political exit within the framework of the constitution that turns the page on the popularly rejected 2020 Council

With the issuance of the Constitutional Court ruling annulling the recent parliamentary elections and the resulting National Assembly, and reinstating the popularly rejected Parliament of 2020, the authority in Kuwait has exhausted its remaining balance of goodwill and hope that was preserved for it by a good segment of the people, this balance, which was formed on objective and imaginary grounds less than three years ago, was exhausted by the authority at a record speed through its undemocratic approach and its object and repeated failure to run the country. Now, returning to the series of abolishing the National Assembly under formal pretexts does not only bring us back to a tragic situation that we have already lived through about thirteen years ago and still is, but rather it represents a farcical situation in which the absurdity and lack of a sense of responsibility in managing the state reaches an unprecedented extent in the modern history of Kuwait, which is what It requires popular reunion and cohesion to resist frustration and despair, and to firmly defend the constitutional and political gains.

In this context, and far from discussing the formal and non-essential constitutional and legal grounds for the truth behind the ruling of the Constitutional Court, what concerns us is that Kuwait is suffering today, more than ever, from a stifling and raging general crisis, mainly due to three interrelated factors represented in:
First: The dominance of the decision-making approach and the mentality of sheikhdom.
Second: The intensification of declared and hidden conflicts between the centers of influence and forces within the authority and its dominant capitalist class alliance, even if the names have changed and the locations have changed.
Third: The narrow class interests of the influential powers that conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of citizens rule. These are the narrow class interests that seek to take over the capabilities of the state and control the joints of the political administration in it.

The Kuwaiti Progressive Movement has previously asserted more than once that as long as these causes, factors and contradictions exist, and as long as they control the political scene and state administration, the crisis that Kuwait has been suffering since 2010 cannot be resolved, rather it will deepen, and this explains the successful episodes of the long series of this crisis.
It must be noted that the continuation of the popularly rejected 2020 Council means a retreat from those positive elements mentioned in the Amiri speech on June 22, 2022, which did not come out of nowhere, but came in response to the growing popularity and parliamentary movement in those days after the sit-in of the deputies in the parliament and the night sit-ins of citizens in the diwaniyas of the deputies and in Al-Irada Square, where The continuation of the 2020 Council contradicts the most important contents of that speech, specifically that important paragraph in which the Emiri decision to dissolve the Council was announced in response to the popular will, and it reads: “We decided under compulsion and based on the desire of the people and in respect of their will to resort to the Constitution, the covenant that we accepted, and based on our constitutional right stipulated in Article (107) of the Constitution, to dissolve the National Assembly in a constitutional way and to call for general elections, in accordance with the procedures, dates, and constitutional and legal controls, and our goal from this constitutional solution is the sure and sincere desire for the people themselves to say the final word in the process of correcting the course of the political scene again, by choosing who represents them, the right choice, which reflects the aspirations and hopes of this people, and the decree of dissolution and the call for elections will be issued in the coming months, God willing, after Preparing the necessary legal arrangements for that.”

In view of the exacerbation of the already dire situation, and in order to spare the country the consequences of the intensification and explosion of the general crisis, it is necessary to move seriously towards:
First: Commitment to constitutional democratic guarantees and public rights and freedoms, and the pursuit of a practical and quick political exit within the framework of the constitution, that stops any negative repercussions, and prevents some stalker parties from taking advantage of this crisis situation to implement malicious agendas hostile to the interests of the people and the rights and freedoms of citizens.
Second: The dissolution of the 2020 Council, which was popularly rejected.
Third: Holding accountable those responsible for deliberately inserting procedural loopholes since 2012 to invalidate the parliamentary elections, and demanding the authority to apologize for this object, repeated and irresponsible failure.
Fourth: Formation of a new government that will supervise the holding of fair parliamentary elections, within the framework of commitment to these directives, and to the positive elements mentioned in the Amiri speech on June 22, 2022.
Fifth: Holding the political forces to their national and historical responsibilities in

In confront conclusion, we call on the proud Kuwaiti people and their living forces to resist frustration and despair, to be politically vigilant towards what the hostile parties are plotting against the popular will, and to unite their ranks and movements in defense of their rights and freedoms, while being aware that the battle with the authority may be prolonged and escalate

Kuwait on March 19, 2023