January 2023

Resignation of the government is far from a mere disagreement with the National Assembly… its reasons are related to the struggle of the centers of power… the approach of unilateral decision-making and the mentality of the sheikhdom… and the narrow class interests of the influential ruling powers

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">It is no longer a secret to anyone that the resignation of the government is not only due to the disagreement with the National Assembly over the deputies submitting some proposals for laws and directing parliamentary interrogations to two ministers, as is being promoted in the media, as such matters have already happened repeatedly during the past years and decades, and it was It can still be bypassed or outflanked.

As it became clear that the government's resignation was mainly due to reasons and factors that are much deeper and farther than that, and these reasons and factors are the ones behind the extended general crisis that Kuwait has suffered from since 2010 and still is, and it is represented in:

First: The intensification of declared and hidden conflicts between the centers of influence and power within the authority and its dominant capitalist class alliance, even if the names have changed and the positions have changed. In recent months, we have witnessed clear indications of the exacerbation of the disputes within the center of government decision-making and the disruption of some deserved decisions.

Second : The dominance of the unilateral decision-making approach and the mentality of sheikhdom that contradicts the constitution and the principles of the democratic system, which are supposed to be the basis for running the state, as there are still those who repeat from time to time turning the cylinder of the coup again against the constitution and disrupting it, as happened in 1976 and 1986.

Third: It is governed by the narrow class interests of the influential powers that conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of citizens, who seek to take over more and more capabilities of the state and reject in return any proposals for laws aimed at improving the standard of living of people and addressing their life problems.

Hence, as long as these causes, factors, and contradictions exist, and as long as they control the political scene and state administration, the general crisis that Kuwait is suffering from cannot be resolved, but rather it will exacerbate even more.

We are in the Kuwaiti Progressive Movement have never been deceived by the illusions propagated by many optimists about a positive change in the government's approach. We have emphasized in our various statements, seminars, and positions that what happened is nothing more than a formal and partial change in the way of dealings and alliances, and the replacement of old faces with new ones.

In conclusion, we believe that the resignation of the government and the attempt to drag the country towards a situation in which parliamentary and constitutional life is suspended as an accomplished fact (fait accompli ) or through measures outside the scope of the constitution, requires the Kuwaiti people, its political forces, trade union and professional organizations, and its conscious youth to show political vigilance and pay attention to what is simulated and orchestrated by some... It also calls for unifying the ranks of all the elements and forces that are keen on popular, national and social interests and gains, and on freedoms, democratic and constitutional rights.

Kuwait on 23 of January, 2023